Charity & COmmunity Service

The Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni Chapter continues to be a leader in the community with its involvement in several programs and organizations in several programs and organizations that serve our area.

The chapter activley supports project Discovery-Alexandria (3 members on the Advisory Board), Hopkins House (Board Member), NAACO (President), Afro-American Festival Committee (Board Member) and Alexandria Carpenter Shelter.

We give our support to these worthwhile programs because it helps the less advantaged gain access and realize his or her potential. The programs are designed to prevent our youth from falling in the cycles of underachievement, early parenting, low esteem, and self-motivation. These symptoms of poverty that should be avoided at all cost. Continued funding and support of these programs are essential to helping those less fortunate in establishing housing, jobs, and businesses.

The chapter activley supports our community with involvement in sports (Youth League Basketball and Football programs). Presently we have brother who coach youth basketball and football in Fairfax County which helps to develop our youth not only through sports, also helps develop good moral character in how they conduct themselves in life.

“Achievement In Every Field Of Human Endeavor”